December 2018


Greetings, it’s been a while since I’ve made a proper maintenance visit to the website. Had to clear out some cobwebs, evict a family of opossums taking up residence on the contacts page, etc. Been out cruising, finally made my way back to the home place in Bells Bend, cranking up this old 4-track and working on some new tunes. Thanks so much to everyone who’s come out to hear a show this year, it’s been a lot of fun getting to play these songs out in the world. If you’d like to hear what we were up to on the road this fall, go visit the Mountain Stage podcast for our 10/21 performance! We’re gonna lay this year to rest in style, got a handful of shows left this month and then taking some time off to try to stay warm, write, winterize the old car, and so forth. Check the shows page for the full listing, visit the new webstore, and I’m looking forward to seeing the lot of ya at the sold-out Louisville Palace on New Years Eve, where I’ll be opening up for Tyler Childers and his wonderful band, along with Blackfoot Gypsies. Keep that scarf up to the chin and your epidermal foliage in bloom, see ya in twenty-nine-tin if I don’t see you soon. - JR